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Autism is a word coined simultaneously by leo kanner and hans asperger , who were both trained in Vienna.
American persons with disabilities Act “Autism as developmental disabilities significantly affecting verbal and nonverbal communication and social interaction, generally before the age of 3, which adversely affect a Child’s educational performance. Other characteristics often associated with Autism are engaged in repetitive activities and stereotypic movement, resistance to environmental change, or changes to daily routines and unusual responses to the sensory experience. The term does not apply if a child’s educational performance is adversely affected primarily because the child has a serious emotional disturbance.”
Characteristics of Autism.
1.       Difficulty in relating to others.
2.       Resistance to change.( it may be a place , or person )
3.       Stereotyped behavior.
4.       Echolalia and literalness of language.
5.       Sleeping, eating, elimination problem.
6.       Attachment to objects rather than humans. ( lack of face to face to contact )
7.       Poor pretend play and imagination.
8.       Inability to express emotion. ( for eg if u scold also they will laugh since they can’t  understand your feelings)
9.       Deficits in pragmatics (   social usage) of language and communication.
10.    Poor organization and planning.
.The strength of autism  
1.     Good rote memory.
2.     Good visual spatial memory.
3.     Good mechanical memory.
4.     Language mostly self thought.
5.     Hyperlexia and neologism.
6.     Methodical and systematic.
7.     Advanced splinter skills.
8.      Good Music skill.
9.     Good in computers.
10.  Good in puzzles.

Associated disorders with Autism.
 1. Congenatel rubella
 2. Encephalitis
3. Cerebral palsy.
4. Meningitis.
5 infantile spasm.
6. Epilepsy
7. Down’s syndrome.
8. Muscular dystrophy.etc