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Special Children and Individualized Educational Program

       we all know about mental retardation. However many people talk about mental retardation still with some confusion of their education. The child with mental retardation will face the problem in various filed. Mentally retarded have “bellow average” in intelligence.   They will lag behind in “adaptive behavior”, which means individual fails to meet the standards of personal independence and “social responsibility” expected of one’s “age” and “cultural group”.
     Each child is unique. Two persons with mental retardation are not alike. Many of them have number of associated problems..It’s important that the problems be recognized as early as possible for only can the child be made to learn these adaptive behavior. So each child is assessed individually, in his adaptive competence. For overcome his particular problem should be planned and administered.
   Associated conditions,
In addition to deficits in intelligence and adaptive behavior, many persons with mental retardation have some associated condition also. The most common associated condition seen in the person with mental retardation are epilepsy, hyperactivity, and visual, hearing and speech defeats.
Some of the retarded persons have psychiatric problems like autism and psychosis; and some other have neurotic problems like neurotic disturbances, nutritional disorder and poor health.

 Individualized Educational program
Individualized program it self says that it meant for only that particular individual. how we stitch dress for ourself with a tailor , like that this  educational plan  tailored for a particular person.over the years of service providers all over the world suggested that individualized education plan is the good management plan for the person with special needs
It contains assessment goal setting writing behavioral objective and evaluation including problem behavior other associated conditions management plan. For this assessment we need various forms n tools connected with the program.
So success in teaching or training with person with  special needs  depend upon the plan management  of trainer. There for Individual Education  program of persons with mental retardation  handled by  Interdisciplinary team  {resource persons like Special educator, psychologists,  speech therapist physiotherapist  and Medical  doctor} 

Let all of us  think about Sarva Shiksha  Abhiyana ........ Inclusive Education ....  but let us also think that whether Sarva Shiksha  Abhiyana meets these needs of mentally challenged person.........  

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  1. Every special child needs individual attention for his/her overall development. Your effort with regards to special children is worth appreciating.
    Your article in this respects throws light on special children and their parents. with you all the best.

  2. well written article ......
    It gives a lot of info regarding the special kids needs..

  3. Dear friends,
    Thank you very much for your comments n wishes.
    This gives me more energy to write in my blog.
    keep reading ........

  4. Ashaji, what should we call them mentally retarded or mentally challenged..? any way the article is informative, yes..we need to boost their confidence and encourage them in fields where they excel.

  5. Dear Sir,
    Ya …it’s true that when we call , we call them as “mentally challenged” but when we write, we can use the word Mental retardation …
    Now we are using the word "differently able" since they are able in a special way.{As I mentioned in my earlier article }